by Andreas
Mopic Fine Art is a somewhat different type of "art project". Mopic is short for "Motion Picture". The art extracted from, you guessed, motion pictures is unique as it is from very high resolution still frames derived from time lapse projects. And there were literally thousands of them all shot by this artist.
*MOPIC - Simply put, these images are individual pictures or "frames" derived from motion pictures or stock footage (a.k.a. "b-roll").  Being a photojournalist for the stock footage or "b-roll" industry, and in some cases for the news industry and specializing in hi-resolution time lapse sequences, in turn yield a large collection of individual frames from lightning to interesting events in nature and in the industrial world. Known for extreme lightning storm footage as seen on many cable networks and of course in the movies, he now brings some of the actual still frames, as limited editions, to the public. Andreas is also known for having created the acronym known as “MOPIC”. 😉