Andreas Hohl – “It's a metaphor, and It’s a thing of art!” 
A multidisciplinary artist residing in the vibrant desert city of Tucson, AZ. My work defies traditional boundaries and seamlessly fuses together the mediums of cinematography, photography, painting, and upcycling. As a pioneer of MOPIC*, he challenges the static nature of traditional art forms by creating dynamic and thought-provoking pieces that captivate the viewer's senses. Andreas has become world renown for his years of capturing monsoon lightning storms as well as the desert life of Arizona. Born in Switzerland, whereby coincidence, the other of two major lightning research cities in the world resides (Lugano), and now living in Tucson, Arizona, one could almost say it’s in his blood. He has learned how to read the storms, foresee the patterns and most importantly how to stay safe during the process.
Now being retired, he finds himself having time for the exploration of various mediums, including stained glass and natural and manmade materials, He aims to create truly immersive and 3-dimensional art that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. "My work reflects my philosophy that art should not only be visually stimulating, but also intellectually stimulating. Many visuals can be very powerful metaphors of emotion, and it truly is a thing of art."
Oh. He also fixes stuff and knows things. At least that's what his baseball cap says. :)
*Simply put, these images are individual pictures or "frames" derived from motion pictures or stock footage (a.k.a. "b-roll").  Being a photojournalist for the stock footage or "b-roll" industry, and in some cases for the news industry and specializing in hi-resolution time lapse sequences, in turn yield a large collection of individual frames from lightning to interesting events in nature and in the industrial world. Known for extreme lightning storm footage as seen on many cable networks and of course in the movies, he now brings some of the actual still frames, as limited editions, to the public. Andreas is also known for having created the acronym known as “MOPIC”. 😉
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